1. トールハウス・フルハウス

    5人+1匹家族の生活の場が積層された、建坪10坪の『2世帯住宅』。 雑然とした周辺環境の中、周りと柔らかく関係を取り結ぶ住宅。地下親世帯LDKにバウンドする光、光・風を輸送する階段、周辺環境を水平のパノラマに切取る横長連続窓、屋根裏部屋のような個室・・ 様々な距離感で外部を感じられる住宅。 The site is located on a town in which single-family houses and apartments mixed, and is hard to forecast the state of environment in the future. Shape of the house is determined according to the height limit of the Building Standards Law. Internal areas for two generations that have the different ceiling heights are stacked vertically, while sharing the entrance and bath area. In order to be able to live comfortably without being affected by the changes in the future in the surrounding environment, main openings are set up around stairs as buffer zone between exterior and living area. In addition, on the upper floor living area, horizontal panorama windows offer equal brightness throughout the room over the future in spite of the size that is made consideration of privacy, and offer interesting fragmented view of the surrounding environment.

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